About us

Our story

Metalcost was founded in the early 1960s and has operated in the shipbuilding industry ever since, from the design and construction of smaller vessels (pontoons, barges, tug boats, fishing boats) to the design and construction of larger ships such as chemical tankers, gas tankers, container ships and cruise ships. By the 1990s, Metalcost had established itself as a leading national and European shipyard, having earning a place in the "Ministry of the Merchant Navy Special Register of Shipbuilders".

In 2002/3, in order to build on the company's longstanding reputation for reliability and ethics, which sets it apart it in national and international markets, the owners decided to launch a new area of innovation inspired by "Pleasure boating", offering yacht storage, construction, and repairs, as well as brokerage and trading. These meticulously planned activities helped to develop the more innovative aspects of the company, representing a new "starting point". This new and ongoing burst of energy has established an overall sense of continuity, satisfying the most demanding clientele in terms of the management of Metalcost and customer relations.

In an incredibly beautiful natural setting, at the edge of the Apuan Alps, just a few steps away from the archaeological site of Luni Antica and the medieval sites of interest distributed throughout upper and lower Lunigiana, the Metalcost Shipyard includes an area of 80,000 square metres on a concrete foundation, of which 10,000 square metres are covered by warehouses equipped with electricity and running water, all protected by an emergency fire suppression system.

The Shipyard structures allow for the lifting of yachts weighing up to 80 tonnes via an overhead crane, and for the towage, by means of a transverse dock, of vintage mega-yachts with wooden hulls, large dimensions and high tonnage. The Shipyard, with its large surface and range of handling equipment, is able to accommodate over 600 boats for the winter season, as well as providing services and any repairs or work required, for total customer satisfaction. The perfect choice for even the most demanding yachtsman.

Night surveillance
24-hour access
Wi-fi coverage
Columns supplying electricity, water, TV signal
Interior/exterior boat cleaning service
Free parking
Adult and children's pools with solarium
Relaxation area
Weather service

The moorings are located in the mild freshwater of the Magra River, completely unaffected by any waves, allowing boats from 7-30 m to moor at the equipped dock.

Large onshore areas make this an excellent location for boats to stay over the winter.

  • Large riverfront area with well-maintained lawn specially for customers
  • Mooring assistance service 7 days a week until 20:00
  • Relaxation area
  • Squares with covered and uncovered car parking
  • Self-service bar
  • Covered gazebo
  • Fire suppression service with fire extinguishers
  • Radio-controlled boat trolley
  • Launch and towage services with crane
  • Real time weather service