The shipyard


The Shipyard

The "Shipyard and Marina"

The Shipyard is the company's registered office, and includes management, commercial and technical offices. It covers an area of ​​80,000 sqm, of which approximately 8,000 is covered, including stairs, docks, outfitting quays, squares, workshops and warehouses, served by centralised power distribution plants, compressed air, oxygen, gas, fresh water and fire, cafeteria and services.


  • Fully equipped accommodation/launch structure and dock located on the central shipyard slipway, which simultaneously and/or individually hauls and launches Yachts and Mega-Yachts with high levels of displacement within a very limited timeframe
  • Outfitting and mooring quays over approx. 400 lm
  • Warehouses for outfitting components
  • Electromechanical maintenance workshops
  • 2 Electrical transformer rooms, 15000 V and 1,500 KVA
  • Compressed air production facility with a total capacity of 20.00 Mnc/h at 8 bars
  • Fire suppression system covering the entire area with double pumping station, in compliance with VVFF standards
  • Lifting equipment: Gantry crane (radio-controlled), tower cranes (self-propelled), etc. for lifting (launch and towage) up to 100 tonnes, various types of forklift
  • 60-tonne radio-controlled trolley for handling structures and/or boats
  • "Strong" pontoon with a payload of 500 tonnes, Maritime Authority certified (in national coastal navigation - 20 miles off the coast)